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At its best, the design process is a pure collaboration of client and architect. As architects, we believe our foremost task in this collaboration is interpreting the client’s needs and translating those needs into architectural terms.

The dialogue that takes place between client and architect when embarking on a new building project begins with a thorough review of the client’s program to develop a deep understanding and accurate analysis of the project goals. This program review phase serves to acquaint our design team with the specialized requirements of the facility. As part of this process, we routinely conduct interviews with the people and groups that will occupy the completed buildings. In developing a program document for our client we would want to speak with and get input from many members of the new facility’s user groups. We believe this process and spirited exchange between client and architects will ultimately result in a building program that is successful and meaningful for the client.

The integration of an inspired program with the functional realities of the site, the program, and the project budget is an important step. We believe the realization of a successful project must ultimately balance the vision with the realities without compromise to either. The site and building should be planned to enhance the functioning of all the activities that take place at the new facility and to the optimal functioning of each. In the end, if we have done our job well, the building should reflect and reinforce the goals described in the statement of needs.

We are committed to utilize the dialogue and exchange of ideas that emerge from this collaborative process, to create the buildings that both inspire and support your program in a manner that engenders excellence.